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Behind Roastery Doors

    1. Chemex coffee brew guide

      Chemex coffee brew guide

      Coffee brewing method: Filter coffee Skill level: Medium The  Chemex. An elegant, timeless brew method, perfect for the entertainer.  This is the ideal piece of coffee brewing k…
    2. Winter drinks trends

      Winter drinks trends

      And just like that, Autumn arrived. Winter is coming and it's time to start getting cosy with winter drinks.  Each year the Extract Coffee Roasters team, spend time looking at the latest ind…
    3. Extract Hot Chocolate Recipes

      Extract Hot Chocolate Recipes

      As temperatures drop, it's time to cosy up with steaming mugs of delicious hot cocoa. In this blog we share our favourite hot chocolate and mocha recipes using Extract Dark Hot Chocolate and Extrac…
    4. Some new shipping options

      Some new shipping options

      You might have noticed that we've been trialling some different shipping options at checkout over the past few weeks. There have been a few changes, so we wanted to share an explanation into some of…
    5. 4 highlights from

      4 highlights from

      We've been working to make coffee a little bit better online as well as in real life. This week, we're stoked to have launched a brand new website which aims to make buying coffee a little bit…
    6. Five things we've learned about LGBTQ+ allyship

      Five things we've learned about LGBTQ+ allyship

      Our summer espresso, Funka, has been on the scene for 10 years and has always been a showcase of funky, diverse natural coffees.This year, we wanted diversity to go beyond the beans. To celebrate…