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Extract loves Fusion Extreme

Extract loves Fusion Extreme

What do you get when you cross a group of stunt riders with a coffee roastery? A friend of Extract’s, Matti Hemmings, came to us with an idea for a collab with his stunt company, Fusion Extreme [link to Fusion Extreme here] after discovering that both organisations share a passion for bikes, boards and coffee [link to coffee page on site].

Extreme sports stunt shows

A unique fusion of urban sports and arts, Fusion Extreme performs awe-inspiring stunts shows that run the gauntlet from BMX, mountain biking, free running and skateboarding to roller skating, breakdancing, beatboxing and street art.

But the thing which really struck a chord with us was Fusion Extreme’s ethos: ‘No limits to inspire and motivate.’ In addition to a love of bikes and coffee, we have a shared passion for community, for being brave and pushing the limits of what other people tell us is possible. So together we launched a limited edition coffee collab with Fusion Extreme.

Ethical coffee

The coffee we chose is from a farm we’ve worked with for nearly 10 years, Finca Veracruz, part of the Santa Barbara Estate. Just like Fusion Extreme, this is a farm pushing the limits of what’s been done before in terms of experimental coffee processing and produces some of the finest Colombian coffee we’ve ever tasted.

Specific lots of coffee are dedicated set aside purely for the purpose of experimentation. Veracruz tests different drying beds, processing techniques and fermentation times to see its impact on the quality of the final cup. This particular coffee underwent a mixed, 3-day fermentation giving it a beautiful crisp acidity and a delicious sweetness.

In addition to pushing the limits of coffee processing, Veracruz is a leader in social responsibility. Farmworkers earn an average of 30% higher than the minimum wage and get free housing on the farm for themselves and their families. The Santa Barbara Estate runs scholarship and financial aid programmes for workers’ children and even helps long-standing employees buy land upon retirement.

Like the sound of Fusion Extreme coffee? Unfortunately this was a limited run edition, but we have plenty of other filter coffees[link to filter coffee page on site].for you to try and fall in love with.