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Extract Loves Radek's Chocolate

Extract Loves Radek's Chocolate

Cashews, chocolate and coffee – all in one place? When Bristol-based Radek's Chocolate [link to Radek's Chocolate] approached us about a cashew mocha chocolate recipe using one of our favourite Hero coffees [ link to original espresso hero coffee page] Organic Espresso [link to organic espresso product page], we struggled to find a reason to say no.

Coffee flavoured chocolate

Radek Ditrych infused his homemade cashew nut butter with our Organic Espresso, before stone-grinding with Peruvian cacao to create this rich, Gianduja style chocolate bar.

A story of Radek's Chocolate

Radek was working as a chef at the well-known vegetarian restaurant Cafe Maitreya, when he started experimenting with vegan chocolates and truffles. They quickly became known as Radek's Chocolates within his friendship circle. Before long, his friends were encouraging him to sell them at local markets.

'Organic, handmade and honest is how I would describe the perfect chocolate. Tempering chocolate is an art and science that seemingly takes a lifetime to understand fully. My advice is always to be patient and do what you love.

'We stumbled across the Original Espresso / Radek Chocolate blend purely by accident. We were making a test batch of Cashew Gianduja Chocolate, which entails making a nut butter and then grinding it in the stone grinders with our cacao. When sampling it, we were drinking our usual daily cup of coffee and the two were a perfect pair. The rest is history.

'Lastly, how do I drink my coffee? Usually, a "Fl-OAT White", which is a flat white with oat milk. But during those long nights of packing truffles, you might catch us drinking it with some maple syrup and a drop of organic cognac.'

Like the sound of this chocolate? Unfortunately, this was a limited run edition, but we have the Original Espresso coffee that Radek infused it with [link to single origin coffee page on site] for you to try and fall in love with.