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Extract Loves Millican

Extract Loves Millican

What goes hand-in-hand with adventure? Coffee, naturally! At least we think so. When our friends at Millican told us they wanted to create coffee collab with us, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved. The collab was made extra special by Bristol artist and animator Gavin Strange, who designed the packaging.

Hardwearing travel luggage

Millican produces some of the UK’s finest adventure luggage, all with stylish flair. They’re hardwearing, made long-lasting materials, look as at home in the pub as they do on the road, and most importantly of all, they’re always up for an adventure.

What’s more, they’re made with sustainability in mind. Recycled materials and easy-to-repair designs make them a partner for life. They’re as concerned with the planet as we are at Extract Coffee Roasters, and with great aesthetics coupled with pride for great artistry, we knew they’d be the perfect brand to collaborate with on coffee. In Co-founder Jorrit’s words:

Travelling changed me in ways I never thought possible. There is no better test of independence, resourcefulness and mindfulness. You have to live in the present, learn how to let go, release control. You learn how to deal with living in the now. It sharpens your mind and softens your spirit. It’s the best antidote for restlessness. It’s a tonic that we should all drink from.

Adventure connects us to people and the planet. It gives us a reason, a purpose. It demands our creativity and playfulness. It turns thinkers into doers. It reminds us that we need to change – to make more conscious choices, zig left when other zag right, to look at the world around us in wonder and be curious enough to ask questions.

The Limited Edition Coffee: A Moment in Bristol

The inspiration for this coffee was ‘a moment in Bristol’ – a city close to our hearts and the home of our beloved roastery. A fiercely creative and independent city, people here have a passion for protecting the environment, for ethical sourcing and community support. You see this in the thriving independent cafe and restaurant scene and the city's innovative spirit.

You see it in the celebration of green spaces. The engagement with conversations on climate change, recycling and the environment.

Creativity is woven into the streets of the city, through the vibrant and colourful street art brightening up our urban areas with regular arts trails and projects.

We wanted a coffee to reflect all of these things. Most importantly, a coffee that would be delicious when brewed on an Aeropress or Moka pot while exploring the outdoors to reflect the Millican ethos.

That’s why we chose the Inza Espresso – a sweet and easy-going coffee with notes of caramel and hazelnut, softening to delicious frangipane, toffee and Ferrero Rocher in milk. Delicious with or without milk and great with alternative mylks too.

A local Bristol artist

Gavin Strange, a local Bristol artist and animator talks us through designing the packaging for A Moment in Bristol.

'It was a real treat to be a part of the Extract & Millican collaboration. Being a big fan of both Extract’s coffee and Millican’s bags (it’s no exaggeration that all we drink in our house is Extract and all our bags are by Millican!).

I was stoked to bring some visual fun to the table, using 3D to illustrate the Bristol I know and love. I’m proud to be nestled in-between two independent companies, from the north and the south, who came together to create a cracking cup of coffee!'

Like the sound of this coffee? Unfortunately, this was a limited run edition, but we have plenty of other single origin coffees [link to single origin coffee page on site] for you to try and fall in love with.