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Extract loves Paletas UK

Extract loves Paletas UK

We’re not one to shy away from a collaboration, so when Sophia from Paletas UK got in touch with an idea for iced coffee paletas – we were stoked, especially as an incredible new coffee, Terruno Nayarita, had landed from Mexico.

Paletas are frozen treats from Mexico. Rich, creamy ice lollies made with fresh whole fruits or rich, creamy flavours such as chocolate, cream or coffee. The coffee was brewed, iced, then mixed with organic Somerset cream, whole milk and sugar to make these iced coffee paletas. Sophia added cacao nibs and cinnamon for depth and vanilla for added sweetness.

The story of Paletas UK

‘I started Paletas UK in July 2018 – my baby had just turned two years old! I’ve always had a love of food and growing up in Southern California surrounds you with a lot of Mexican culture. My favourite was the fabulous paletas, usually sold by a paletero out of hand-pushed carts.

‘When I moved to the UK, I was very impressed at the country’s love of outdoor markets, festivals and events. The British love getting out and about in the warmer weather!

‘I noticed that no one offered Paletas or ice lollies in general besides the major commercial brands. So I thought I could fill that void. Since my first market, the customers have made it very clear that they love paletas!’

Iced coffee - the perfect combination

‘I drink a flat white with oat milk every morning. Currently, I’m loving the Terruño Nayarita! It has flavours of creme brulee, cola and lime cordial, all of which lend themselves well to ice cream. I like to change things up every month or two.’

Fruity ice cream flavours

'Using the whole fruit gives a far superior taste and texture. This is a top tip for making paletas or ice lollies at home.

'I don’t think any of my flavours are particularly weird, but one thing that surprises many people is that I offer Tajin to sprinkle on your Paleta at events. Tajin is a Mexican fruit seasoning made of chilli and lime.

'People in Mexico love Tajin and they sprinkle it on most fruits, especially watermelon, pineapple and mango. Brits who dare to try usually are surprised that the combo works and I’ve heard a lot say it’s very moreish.’

Like the sound of this coffee? Unfortunately, this was a limited run edition, but we have plenty of other single origin coffees [link to single origin coffee page on site] for you to try and fall in love with.