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Extract Seasonal Espresso


The new year sees a change to the Extract Original blend. Following Head Roaster David’s trip to Brazil & Colombia late last year, we have secured an exclusive yellow bourbon coffee from the Pantano farm close to the small town of Patos de Minas.

We were really taken with the experimental nature of this farm, and have been eager to work with them ever since David’s return. The farm boasts around 148 coffee varietals, some still in the early development stages. The regimented attention to detail of the farm’s micro-lots was what really appealed, alongside trials being run on multiple drying methods, and rare – hybrid coffee varietals. Hopefully this yellow bourbon will be the beginning of not only a great coffee, but a promising relationship.

The Pantano coffee now makes up 60% of the original blend and is complemented by the Colombian Marianela (20%) coffee.

Together they bring sweet hazelnut and almond praline, cherry and blackcurrant. We’ve worked towards producing a blend that can fit the diversity of our customers – with milk, this drink is sweet and very balanced with lots of caramel and chocolate. As an espresso, the coffee carries just enough acidity to go it alone.

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