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​Black Friday Deals and Extract Coffee Roasters

​Black Friday Deals and Extract Coffee Roasters

Our coffee is ethically sourced, roasted by hand and crafted with passion and care. Care for the environment, for the farmers, for baristas and for you, our customers.

We care about our customers, coffee loving people sat in a cafe or restaurant, curled up at home on the sofa, or sat at the breakfast table. People loving the brew, cup after cup.

We believe in selling incredible coffee at a fair price. Our prices are reflective of the hours spent growing, picking, processing, restoring, roasting, sampling and perfecting our craft.

Ethical coffee

Slashing these with Black Friday mega-deals feels like an injustice to all the people in our supply chain who work so hard to produce something so great. Something we are all incredibly proud of. So years ago, we ditched the deals and decided to donate £1 for every bag of coffee you bought on Black Friday to our Grounds Up community projects [link to Grounds Up page on our site here].

Supporting Hotel School 

Because of your support, we could buy tablets for Hotel School students to use in their classrooms. Access to tablets creates a more inclusive and flexible learning environment and helps with digital inclusion for those who have no access to the internet because of homelessness or insecure housing. 

Supporting Empire Fighting Chance

The money raised for Empire Fighting Chance has been enough to help seven vulnerable young people to develop key life skills through their 20-week boxing and mentoring programme.

Independent coffee discount codes

While we don’t get involved in the frenzy of Black Friday, this doesn't mean that we don’t reward our loyal customers. We offer small rewards to our newsletter subscribers all year round in the form of coffee discount codes and coffee promo codes. Find out more about signing up for free here [link to newsletter page here].