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Extract loves organic cotton Tshirts

Extract loves organic cotton Tshirts

Extract Coffee Roasters organic cotton t-shirts made by Teemill

All of our organic cotton, ethical t-shirts are printed by green fashion company, Teemill, also known as, Rapanui. We chose them to manufacture our coffee tshirts and staff uniforms after we discovered their commitment to sustainable fashion aligned with our own sustainability work.

They're not merely trying to work towards sustainability; their business is founded on it. Even Sir David Attenborough has given Teemill a 5-star review, calling them 'a most valuable and interesting project'.

Sustainable clothing

Organic cotton is better for the environment, the climate and the people who farm it. Buying from companies with organic cotton certification, like Teemill, means that the wider supply chain has been audited, with all inputs – like inks, dyes and printing – and business ethics having met a strict standard or criteria.

'Our products are made from natural materials, using renewable energy, and everything we make is designed from the start to be sent back when it is worn out. We make new products from the materials we recover. Instead of making waste, we make new products from it. It's a circular supply chain.' Teemill

Discount code rewards for unwanted clothes

Want to recycle clothes? You can send your unwanted clothes by Freepost to Teemill (including Extract t-shirts) for reuse or remanufacturing, and they'll reward you with store credit.

Incentivised material recovery is part of Teemill commitment to move towards a circular economy, which is why we're thrilled to have them as our supplier.