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Finca La Casiana

Finca La Casiana

As with many exemplary coffee farms, Finca La Casiana is set amongst breathtaking views, this time in Colombia. It’s a farm that’s been making coffee since 1987, and we think the beans that we source from Casiana offer the perfect way to fall back in love with filter coffee.

Together with his brother, Esteban Uribe inherited Finca La Casiana from their late father, who purchased what was a derelict expanse of farmland back in the late 80s. Since then, the family has revolutionised coffee cultivation on the vast 63 acres, ensuring fair treatment of the workforce and developing sustainable farming techniques.

A cycle of improvements has been established: as the coffee quality improves, the farm's infrastructure improves. The farm now has its own wet mill, water reservoir, housing for workers, electricity and internal roads. These all help the farm to produce better coffee year on year.

The attention to detail in the Casiana Estate is evident in the consistency of each cup. Soil analysis, meticulous weeding, fertilisation and selective pruning all contribute to these continuing improvements. The farm is also now home to a thriving nursery of future crops that should ensure their success continues.

The Casiana Estate produces coffee that is a full-bodied yet fruity filter style coffee. Notes of raspberry and plum are sticky and sweet, and there is a floral hint of elderflower. Heavier notes of walnut and caramel balance this. 

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