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Extract Tea - Jade Tips Green Tea
Pan Fired
Xinyang, Hunan Province, China
Nice to know:
Rainforest Alliance

Our Extract Tea Jade Tips Green Tea blend is panfired, hand-rolled and dried all within 24 hours of picking. We love it's clean, floral flavour and long-lasting finish. 

Available in the following pack sizes - perfect for cafes, restaurants and hotels. 

About Extract Tea Jade Tips green tea

Our Jade Tips Green Tea is grown in yellow-black sandy loam soils by smallholders in the growing tea district of Xinyang. Young, tender leaves and buds are plucked in early Spring from carefully selected plants, then spread on bamboo trays and left to wither in direct sunlight.

Leaves are pan-fired in large woks to prevent oxidation before being hand-rolled and dried, all in under 24 hours. The resulting tea has a clean floral flavour with a long-lasting sweet finish.

How to brew the perfect green tea

  1. Weigh out 2.5-3g loose tea (or one teabag)
  2. Pour over 250ml hot water at 100 degrees
  3. Brew for one minute
  4. Enjoy!

About Extract Tea

We searched far and wide for a range of whole-leaf teas made with the same passion, ethical values and artisan craftsmanship that we bring to coffee. In the end, we decided to make our own.

Extract Tea is ethically sourced from the world's finest tea gardens. Plucked and processed by hand, then skilfully blended and packed as loose leaf or biodegradable pyramid bags. Even better, every cup of Extract Tea supports our GroundsUp charity collective, helping community projects here in the UK.

I'm ordering Extract Tea Jade Tips Green Tea for home. How often should I order tea?

Here's a quick guide to help make sure you never run out of tea again

  • Three cups per day - one pouch every month
  • Two cups per day - one pouch every six weeks
  • One cup per day - one pouch every three months
  • Three cups a week - one pouch every six months

Extract Tea - Green


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