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The original Aeropress Coffee Maker - designed by Aerobie (inventors of the frisbee!). 

The Aeropress is a great solution when you need to make just one or two cups of coffee. It's lightweight and compact so easy to take with you to the office, on holiday or for outdoor adventures. 

Since its invention the Aeropress has become an iconic way of brewing speciality coffee. There are even Aeropress World Championships! For more information on how to use one, check out our Aeropress brew guide.

How it works 
Weigh coffee and water into the brewing chamber and wait for your coffee to brew. Once the brew time is up, push down the plunger and your coffee will filter into your cup. 

Why we love it
It's quick, it's affordable, it's easy to carry around and it makes delicious tasting coffee.

Original Aeropress Coffee Maker


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How to brew Original Aeropress Coffee Maker

Check out our free Aeropress brew guide

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