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Aeropress coffee brewing guide

Aeropress coffee brewing guide

Coffee brewing method: Espresso or filter coffee
Skill level: Easy

The Aeropress is a simple and popular coffee brewing method. It's a lightweight and robust plastic coffee machine powered by hand, making it a fantastic travelling companion. It's popular with cyclists and adventure seekers and anyone looking to brew great-tasting coffee at the office or away from home.

A portable coffee maker

The Aeropress was initially intended to brew espresso style coffee on the go, but coffee lovers have since found several different ways to use it while travelling. In this brew guide, we're going to talk you through the inverted method which gives a longer drink - similar to a filter brew, rather than a short, dark shot of espresso. It's quick, easy and delicious.

Kit list:

  • An Aeropress
  • Aeropress filter (paper or steel)
  • Timer
  • Vessel of some kind
  • 12-14g medium/fine ground coffee
  • 200ml 94C water
  • A grinder & scales (if you're using whole beans)

Aeropress Coffee Brewing Method

1. Weigh, grind, boil

Weighing water and coffee is key to getting your brew tasting consistently good. The Aeropress fits a cosy 240ml of liquid, for this brew recipe we're using 200ml of water and 12-14g of medium-fine ground coffee. Grind using a hand or home grinder. You want a medium to fine filter grind.

2. Set up, rinse and cool

Construct your Aeropress by pushing the black plunger on the bottom, and the chamber side on top (this is known as the inverted method). The black plunger should be pushed up to the start of the Number 4 marker on the side of the chamber.

Once your kettle is boiled, fill your Aeropress chamber up to the top. Boiling water is too hot to pour straight into your coffee, so this step gives the water time to cool to a better brewing temperature (92-94 degrees celsius).

If you're using paper filters, pop a filter into the gauze or cap and give it a quick rinse. This prevents the taste of the filter from ending up in your coffee.

Use any remaining water in your kettle to fill up your mug so that it's nice and warm when you pour your coffee into it.

3. Stir and brew

Pour 12-14g of ground coffee into the hot water in the Aeropress chamber. Give it a few stirs and start your timer for 45 seconds.

After 45 seconds, give it another stir and wait another 45 seconds.

Stirring the coffee twice creates turbulence or agitation and means the coffee grounds will extract faster, meaning you get more flavour.

When coffee is over-extracted, it tastes bitter; under-extracted it tastes sour. The secret to a great tasting brew is getting the extraction of flavour from the coffee grounds just right.

4. Plunge

Empty the hot water from your mug.

After 1 minute 30 seconds total brew time, pop the cap on with filter inside and flip the Aeropress on to the top of your mug.

Slowly plunge for 30 secs.

Then, all that's left to do is kick back and enjoy.

Aeropress FAQ

What's the best coffee for Aeropress?

The inverted brew method we've talked about in this post gives you a long drink but still lots of body and sweetness. If you take your coffee black, we'd recommend brewing with a filter roast coffee [link to filter coffee page on site]. If you like your coffee with milk, we'd recommend an espresso roast coffee [link to espresso coffee page on site] with delicious sticky-sweet flavour notes.

What filter should I use in an Aeropress?

Aeropress brewing requires a small circular filter explicitly designed for this type of machine. You should only ever use a filter once unless you have a metal, reusable filter that you can buy exclusively to use in an Aeropress.

Where can I buy an Aeropress?

We often have Aeropresses for sale over in the Extract Coffee Roasters shop, which you can find here [link to the shop]. Our stock does fluctuate, so if we don't currently have one available, please check back later.