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Behind roastery doors. What to expect from barista training


Ever wondered what it’s like to get barista training with Extract Coffee Roasters? We sent Marketing Manager, Gemma, on our Foundation Barista Workshop to brush up her barista skills and get a taste of the Extract education experience.

Put your hands on

Extract Coffee Roasters Foundation Barista Training is a hands on morning of learning coffee skills.

From learning how to dial in machines and what makes the perfect espresso shot, to identifying under and over extracted coffees by taste, having a crack at latte art and cleaning down the machines. All of it done learned via practical training on the machines.

With a little help from my friends

Community is a big deal here at Extract Coffee Roasters. One of the best examples of this in action is seeing baristas from different organisations come together with a shared goal of making coffee better.

Comparing notes, sharing tips and helping one another throughout the session was one of my highlights.

Huge shout out to my classmates from Beatroot Cafe, River Cottage Canteen, Beyond the Wall & Mark’s Bread - you were all wonderful.

Let the music play

Training happens in a custom built area inside the roastery. Our training baristas get to overlook the roastery floor to watch the coffee in production as well as getting to sample the roastery team's banging playlists.

From Nirvana to Nina Simone, Daft Punk to Dire Straits, Fleetwood Max to the Fratellis - Enjoy.

Ain't nothing goin' on but history

Aside from learning how to pull a tasty shot of espresso, the session is an opportunity to get to know the story behind the coffee you make.

After a morning spent pulling shots of espresso, dropping some latte art and enjoying the roastery tunes the group had the opportunity to learn more about the quality and origins of the coffee itself. From how we source coffees and our amazing grower relationships, to the history behind those beautiful hand restored machines.

So there you have it, a quick overview of the hands on, musical, sociable, educational experience that is training with Extract Coffee Roasters. Maybe now I’ll even offer to make the roastery team a coffee…

If you’d like to find our more about barista training for your team or for yourself, check out our Education page.

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