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Los Huipiles Filter Coffee, Guatemala, Extract Coffee Roasters

In the Cup

Apricot, Brown Sugar & Praline

Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Fully washed & sun-dried
Drinking Guide:
An easy-drinking filter. Great black or with a dash of milk.
The good stuff:
9 community farmers working together

About the coffee

This easy-drinking Guatemalan filter coffee with notes of stone fruits and brown-sugar sweetness, makes our mouths water!

We're stoked to be roasting it as our house filter coffee, enjoy black or with a dash of milk. Try 60-70g coffee / 1000ml in a cafetiere. Bliss!

About the coffee growers

This delicious coffee comes from one of the most famous coffee-growing regions of Guatemala. High altitudes and hot, dry winds protect the region from frost and mean coffee can grow at dizzying altitudes of 2000 metres above sea level.

Growing coffee at such a height means transporting coffee is not without its challenges and most producers process their own coffee. 

Los Huipiles is produced by nine growers, working together to produce this incredible coffee. Ripe cherries are picked, pulped to remove their skins and fully washed to remove the flesh of the coffee cherry from around the bean. Finally the coffee is sun-dried before being graded and sent to us for roasting!

This method of processing, also called fully-washed is known for producing coffees which are super consistent cup after cup, with bright, clean flavours and plenty of sweetness. 

Meet the roaster

Los Huipiles is roasted on Bertha, a 120kg vintage Probat roaster rescued from scrap from Bosnia and rebuilt by the Extract Coffee Roasters team in a restoration project which took more than four years to complete!

Los Huipiles Filter


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How to brew Los Huipiles Filter

An easy-drinking filter. Great black or with a dash of milk.

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    Quite bitter!

    Posted by Dom Boyle on 3rd Aug 2022

    Not a bad coffee but much more acidic than I was expecting in espresso machine and, surprisingly, also in cold brew. It may be for people with a more sophisticated palate than mine! I also dont like big tanniny red wines.