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Hero Coffees

Our hero coffees are speciality coffees on a mission. A mission to Make Coffee Better for people and planet.

We've spent years working on our hero range. The heroes are a mix of coffee blends and single-origin coffees. Each one is ethically sourced, perfectly-crafted and helping us make positive change in the world around us.

Our hero coffees are here year-in year-out. Household favourite coffees to return to again and again.

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Extract Hero Coffees

Delicious easy-drinking coffees available all year round.

Extract Original

Our original espresso blend. Read the story behind our signature house coffee. Find out more

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is a nod to hard graft and the power of perseverance. Our darkest roast, Cast Iron tastes incredible with milk and plant-based milks. Find out more


Organic certified coffee with 100% traceability. From the coffee growers protecting our planet. Find out more


Ethically sourced, perfectly crafted and out of this world. Rocket is one of our best-loved espressos, taking coffee to new heights. Find out more

Dr. Strangelove

Stop worrying and love the brew. That's the motto behind this easy-drinking single origin espresso. Find out more


An incredible-tasting, ethically sourced naturally decaffeinated coffee to be enjoyed any time of day or night. Find out more

Half Speed

Catch a break with our low-caffeine coffee, Half Speed. All the flavour with just half the kick. Find out more

Super-Hero Coffees

Limited edition coffees released seasonally. Get them whilst you can because they don't last long!


Our spring espresso. Incredible coffees, grown by incredible women. Fighting for gender equity in the coffee supply chain. Find out more


Our summer espresso. A funky, natural coffee fighting to create a funkier and fairer world for all of us. Find out more

Inner Strength

Our winter espresso. A cup of Inner Strength, strong but sweet, supporting community causes across the UK to give others a leg-up in life. Find out more


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