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Peru Inambari – New Arrival


Award winning Coffee wins me my first cupping – notes contribution…

Stepping up to the cupping table as the new girl, I have spent a lot of time trying not to drool, choke or drop the spit cup. With all this possibility of embarrassment, moments of clarity have been sparse. For a while it was easy to nod along and identify the flavours once they’d been spelled out to me. But I wanted, and waited, for a moment of revelation, when my palate might start communicating with my brain, to find those few words that could decipher and articulate taste. When the Inambari came along, it turned out, I would have to wait no longer.

At the roastery coffees are cupped on an almost daily basis, and often the table is sprawling with samples of different origin, varietal, process etc.. This can be a real challenge. Delicate flavours start to allude discovery as taste buds become overwhelmed. However, great coffees are always found standing out among the crowd. I could often identify these exceptional bowls, but never define where my enjoyment was coming from. My eureka moment came when we were cupping the Inambari. I remember slurping my conservative slurp, (I could not match both the emphatic inhalation of my colleagues AND avoid looking like a dribbling mess) when, suddenly, taste became distinct and coherent and all I could think of was a warm summery salad. SALAD?! YES. I’m sure its never been said by anyone ever, about coffee ever, but there it was. Ripe, plump sticky tomatoes and buttery pine nuts existed in this little bowl of grounds and water.

The Inambari is a Peruvian cooperative headed by Ciriaco Quispe since 1967, and sits close to the Bolivian border. In April, the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) ranked the Inambari third place in the Rainforest Alliance Cup. Featuring as a popular guest coffee with many of our customers, the Inambari seeks to offer a mellow mouthwatering flavour profile that works both as a single origin espresso and as a filter coffee. Washed, pulped and patio dried, the Inambari is currently featuring in the Extract Original blend alongside Brazilian and Colombian coffees. Together, they have developed a complex summer-berry sweetness, complimented by milk, yet still a punchy caramel-like espresso.

Brew Guide

Unusually, this coffee has made its way both into the espresso machine, and onto the brew bar. It is roasted lightly for filter brewing to bring out the delicate savoury notes that make this coffee a perfect breakfast brew. Or for a heavier, buttery espresso that soothes the soul like a tin of tomato soup. Below are our findings from the roastery brew bar, our favourite recipes, and guidelines to get you started on discovering the complexities of the Inambari.


I had always used the Aero-press as a way of brewing espresso style coffee at home, however with the Inambari, the flavour profile comes alive with a longer extraction and coarser grind. Start with a 15g dose of coffee, grind medium-coarse (think coarser than a pour over, and finer than a cafetiere), follow with 240g water, and begin stirring immediately for around 30 seconds. Attach the lid, together with a washed filter paper and leave for a further 90 seconds before beginning a slow steady plunge, totaling a 2 minute extraction. This process should highlight the sweeter tomato-y nuances and has great balance. Thanks Kit, (Wild at Heart) for your help on this one!


A standard 80g dose, coarse grind and 4 minute extraction (for a 1L brew), makes for a surprisingly clean, nutty and savoury coffee. Malted Milk biscuits come to mind and an orangey sweetness emerges.


As always, your machine and grinder will influence the tastes of this coffee much more so than when brewing a filter. Start with a 18.5g dose, and expect around a 26g yield during a 28 second extraction. A tight shot coaxes out a nutty savouriness together with a tomato sweetness that makes for incredible balance. Experiment with the parameters of your shot – you will find this coffee has a lot to offer.

Thank you Ciriaco Quispe, never mind winning global coffee accreditation, you have unearthed my confidence to cup.

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Ashlee Quinn – Extract Coffee Roasters

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