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Where's the coffee?

You rock up in a new place. On holiday, visiting friends, family - whatever.

You look for somewhere that looks like it sells decent coffee. Nothing. You google furiously, reading reviews, looking up every coffee guide website you can find find for your geography.

You take a punt on somewhere. Turns out, the coffee sucks.

On your way home you drive past some awesome little place selling speciality coffee and you kick yourself that you didn't find them before.

We know that awesome coffee spots come in all shapes and sizes. From service stations to surf shops. From tiny coffee carts to grand cathedrals. From Cornwall to Cumbria. The challenge, is finding it.

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Join us at the top!

We are pretty stoked to have been included on Top Coffee Spot app as one of the top roasters in the UK and want to invite our incredible network of coffee spots (that's you guys) to join us.

Top Coffee Spot is a brand new, search app - free for customers and coffee spots, to help coffee lovers discover great coffee spots and learn more about the speciality coffee you serve, and where it comes from, the roasters, the origin and the farmers.

Free and easy

The app is completely free of charge to users and coffee spots, and will help drive more people into your place.

As a coffee spot, you will have your very own profile page where you submit your own images and display all your information. You will be in complete control of your page, with your personal log-in.

Signing up will only take 5 minutes. Get in there fast as the app will be launching soon.

Please see their website for more details or questions, or contact Rory at

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