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    1. Chemex coffee brewing guide

      Chemex coffee brewing guide

      Coffee brewing method: Filter coffee Skill level: Medium The Chemex. An elegant, timeless brew method, perfect for the entertainer. This is the ideal piece of coffee brewing kit if you a…
    2. ​Extract Loves Coffee-Grounds Recycling

      ​Extract Loves Coffee-Grounds Recycling

      Recycling and coffee sustainability has long been a big part of life in our roastery Refurbishing old roasters; using pallets and scrap metal to build our training area; sending coffee ch…
    3. Aeropress coffee brewing guide

      Aeropress coffee brewing guide

      Coffee brewing method: Espresso or filter coffee Skill level: Easy The Aeropress is a simple and popular coffee brewing method. It's a lightweight and robust plastic coffee machine powered…
    4. Spring iced coffee recipes

      Spring iced coffee recipes

      For those looking for a more sustainable alternative to ready-to-drink iced coffees, we've been brewing up our own delicious iced coffee recipes to welcome in the warmer Spring months. Here's our r…
    5. ​Cafetière coffee brewing guide

      ​Cafetière coffee brewing guide

      Coffee brewing method: Filter coffee / Immersion Skill level: Easy French Press; cafetière or plunger. Loads of us have got one, most of us have used one, but how many of us really know how to…
    6. Easy espresso martini cocktail recipes

      Easy espresso martini cocktail recipes

      What’s not to love about a well-made espresso martini? That chocolatey sweetness, a creamy mouthfeel, the heat of the liqueur all topped off with that buzz of caffeine. We’ve got a whole host of es…
    7. Extract loves Paletas UK

      Extract loves Paletas UK

      We’re not one to shy away from a collaboration, so when Sophia from Paletas UK got in touch with an idea for iced coffee paletas – we were stoked, especially as an incredible new coffee, Terruno Na…
    8. Extract loves Fusion Extreme

      Extract loves Fusion Extreme

      What do you get when you cross a group of stunt riders with a coffee roastery? A friend of Extract’s, Matti Hemmings, came to us with an idea for a collab with his stunt company, Fusion Extreme [lin…
    9. Jasal Mill, El Salvador

      Jasal Mill, El Salvador

      Central American coffee has always fascinated Extract Coffee Roasters co-founder David Faulkner. We love to roast incredible El Salvadoran coffees as part of our limited edition coffee range…