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Ain’t no drag. New bags heading your way


We’re stoked to reveal new packaging designs for our 250g and kilo bags. Freshly packed and out the door as of Monday next week. Massive thanks to the all-star team over at SuperFantastic for our new bags which are next level.


We pride ourselves on being a business of storytellers, and the old bags just weren’t cutting it.

Our new designs share the stories we care about most with our customers. Our love for restoring beat up old roasters, our belief in ethical sourcing and passion for making coffee better.




More important than a bag which is better looking, is a bag which is better working.

That keeps coffee fresher and reduces waste. Some nifty packaging and graphic design handiwork means we’ve cut the variations of bags and labels we were using for each coffee – and reduced our packaging waste as a result. Our new bags are letterbox friendly and, being shorter and tamper proof with a resealable zip, are more shelf-friendly too.


New bags will be packed by hand and outta the roastery from March 26th 2018 – We’re really excited to get your feedback.

Longer term, we’re looking for more sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. The current challenge is finding materials which will preserve coffee freshness for as long as possible (typically this needs a valve, liner and zip seal) and are biodegradable. It’s a work in progress – watch this space.

Can’t get your head around the new bags?

Fear not my friend. We’ve made this handy video and 3 step guide to help you master the new zips.

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