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Musana Bulambuli

In the Cup

Raspberry, Honeycomb, Candyfloss

Washing Station:
Bulambuli Washing Station
Mt. Elgon, Eastern Uganda
Good Stuff:
Supporting small farmers
Drinking Guide:
In an espresso machine, we recommend 18g coffee in, for 34g out and a shot-time of 31-35 seconds.

Musana Bulambuli is now sold out!

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About Bulambuli Washing Station

Located on Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda, near the Kenyan border, the Bulambuli Washing Station has ideal terrain and climatic conditions for speciality coffee.

The high altitudes are perfect growing conditions for arabica coffee. Cherries come from the 200-400 small farms, all less than 1 hectare each.

The farmers bring their coffee down the mountain to the washing station. The lower altitudes here are ideal for processing. The coffee cherries are sorted and then taken to the drying yard. The coffee ferments on African raised beds, imparting the intense sweetness that we love in this coffee.

Finally, the coffee is dry-milled to remove the husks and parchment before being sent to us for roasting.

Why we love this coffee

The Bulambuli Washing Station was built in 2022 by three long-term partners. Together, they set up the new site where lots are pulped, fermented and dried. The team has formed a hugely dedicated team of professionals to focus on ensuring an optimal, controlled drying process.

There is a big focus on sourcing the most unique lots and creating long-lasting positive impact for farmers and their communities.

The premiums we pay go directly to the producers, improving their financial and social security.

How to brew Musana Bulambuli Espresso

Using an espresso machine, we recommend 18g coffee in, for 34g out and a shot-time of 31-35 seconds.

Meet the roaster

Musana Bulambuli Espresso is roasted by our Head Roaster, Tommy, on Betty, a 1955 Probat drum roaster which has been modernised and lovingly rebuilt by the team at Extract Coffee Roasters. 

Musana Bulambuli Espresso

Sold out. Check out our range of Single Origin coffees for more delicious espressos to try.

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How to brew Musana Bulambuli Espresso

In an espresso machine, we recommend 18g coffee in, for 34g out and a shot-time of 31-35 seconds.

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