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Red Currants, Chocolate Brownie & Digestives

November Roaster's Choice:
La Morena Espresso
Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Drinking Guide:
For espresso we recommend 19g in and 38g out in roughly 27-30 seconds.
Good Stuff:
Supporting female coffee growers and women’s equality in Guatemala

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November's Roasters' Choice Espresso: La Morena Espresso

IN THE CUP: Red Currants, Chocolate Brownie and Digestives

November’s Roaster’s Choice espresso comes from an inspiring all-female project in Guatemala.

We used coffee from this group as our Betty Espresso back in 2022. This season’s crop tastes fantastic and we’re delighted to be roasting from La Morena again.

About La Morena Espresso

The coffee is bought directly from women in the La Morena Project in the Western Highlands of Huehuetenango in Guatemala.

Coffee is grown and harvested by female coffee farmers, then sorted into different qualities with premiums paid for higher-quality coffee. Volcafe Way provides the growers in La Morena practical support and advice to help them maximise their earning potential.

This coffee is processed using the washed method. First, the skins of the cherries are removed, a process known as pulping. Then, the sticky fruit of the coffee cherry is washed away leaving behind the green (unroasted) coffee bean.

After washing, the coffee is dried, hulled to remove the papery husks from the bean and prepared for export.

Why we love La Morena

Guatemala is a complex landscape for female growers.

Increasing numbers of men are emigrating to the USA and sending money home. Women are expected to take on the management of the coffee farm however mass emigration means entire communities are left without the sons, brothers, husbands and fathers who have historically had all the skills and knowledge in coffee farming.

At the same time, gender equality remains a challenge in the country as a whole making it even more difficult for women to step into their new coffee farming roles, develop these new skills and compete in the male-dominated coffee industry.

The La Morena Project from Volcafe Way supports Guatemalan women in overcoming these challenges, by providing technical support and advice to help female growers improve farm efficiency and increase the quality and yields of their coffee.

The La Morena project collaborates with and supports a local NGO, Wakami, to empower rural business owners more generally.

Wakami helps women learn vital aspects of business management - things like opening bank accounts, registering to vote, accessing business finance, and managing accounts.

How to brew La Morena Espresso

For espresso we recommend 19g in and 38g out in roughly 27-30 seconds.

How does a Roaster's Choice Espresso subscription work?

Choose your grind, size and frequency

Each coffee is available as a 250g or 1kg bag and can be bought as whole beans or ground for espresso, filter or cafetiere. The coffee will change monthly, however you can choose to have your coffee delivered more frequently.

That means if you have a weekly or fortnightly delivery, you'll get the same coffee multiple times in a month.

Try a new single origin espresso every month

Each month the roastery team at Extract Coffee Roasters selects a brand new single origin espresso for that month's Roaster's Choice. 

The roastery team choose coffees from different countries, with different processes and different roast profiles so a Roaster's Choice subscription is a great way to experience a wide variety of coffees and discover just how different coffees can be!

You can buy our Roaster's Choice espresso by the bag, or can subscribe to have your coffee delivered to you automatically. 

Please note, that the coffee changes monthly, so if you select a weekly delivery you will receive the same coffee for the entire month until the next Roaster's Choice is selected.

The benefit of a weekly subscription is that your coffee will always be freshly roasted when it arrives.

High quality, speciality grade coffee

The coffees selected are of incredible quality. Each Single Estate espresso is speciality grade, scoring 80 points or higher out of a possible 100. 

The coffees chosen for Roaster's Choice will be worth at least £11.95 per 250g or more. 

Ethically sourced single origin coffees

Each month your Roaster's Choice Espresso coffee comes with an info card telling the grower story and explaining how the coffee is grown and processed.

The coffees are ethically sourced, meaning that the farmers are paid quality-based premiums which exceed Fairtrade and organic prices.

Roaster's Choice Espresso

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5 units

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How to brew Roaster's Choice Espresso

For espresso we recommend 19g in and 38g out in roughly 27-30 seconds.

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