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Extract Coffee Roasters - Tuxpal Honey Espresso - Single Origin - El Salvador

In the Cup

Butterscotch, crunchie bar, yoghurt

Café Tuxpal, San Juan Opico, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Drinking Guide:
Try 18g coffee: 36g liquid and 27 seconds extraction for a sticky sweet espresso.
Good Stuff:
Rainforest Alliance certified

This season's Tuxpal is all sold out!

What a delicious coffee this one has been. Don't worry if you've missed out on Tuxpal Honey Espresso this time around, we can offer you some delicious coffee recommendations.

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About the Coffee

We can't get enough of the sweet, nostalgic notes of Tuxpal espresso in the roastery. We taste butterscotch and crunchie bar, softening to toffee yoghurt with milk. Try 18g coffee: 36g liquid and 27 seconds extraction for a sticky sweet espresso.

Meet the Grower

Cafe Tuxpal is a Rainforest Alliance-certified collection of 7 farms on the Santa Ana Volcano in the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range in El Salvador. We loved the coffees we roasted last year from two of these farms, Finca El Papayal and Finca Santa Petrona and are stoked to be roasting coffee from the Pacas family again this year.

Over 1000m above sea level, the Café Tuaxpal farms sit in an unusual microclimate in a country dominated by tropical weather. Dry winters, warm summers and rich, fertile, volcanic soils create a distinctive coffee that is truly epic and has been in the same family for six generations. 

This particular coffee comes from five of the farms within Cafe Tuxpal and is a honey process. 

Ripe cherries are picked by hand and taken to the family-owned mill for processing. The cherries' outer skins are espresso roast coffeesremoved, leaving the sticky mucilage of the fruit to caramelise around the cherry.  Once dry, the coffee beans are dry milled to remove any remaining fruit, sorted, graded and sent to us for roasting. 

Processing in this way gives the coffee an intense sweetness (hence the name honey process) and brings the rich flavours of honeycomb chocolate and butterscotch to this epic tasting espresso.

Meet the Roasters

Tuxpal Honey Process Espresso is roasted on Betty, a 1955 cast iron, Probat coffee roaster. We found Betty in  Cardiff in 2010 and lovingly brought her back to life through a series of restorations by Extract Coffee co-founder, David Faulkner. Her most recent restoration throughout 2018 and 2019 made further improvements on her efficiency and will keep this iconic machine running for many more years to come.

Tuxpal Honey Espresso

Tuxpal is all sold out for this season. Check out our recommendations for similar coffees to try.

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How to brew Tuxpal Honey Espresso

Try 18g coffee: 36g liquid and 27 seconds extraction for a sticky sweet espresso.

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